Policy Loan Service

    Policy Loan Interest Rate
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  • How to apply
  • By postal mail
Step 1
Check the policy loan can be borrowed
  • Please call customer service line +886-2-81705156 to inquire.
Step 2
Complete the loan form
Step 3
Prepare the required documents
  • A foreign natural person:
    1. Loan form
    2. Two valid identification documents with photos of the proposer
    3. Copy of passbook
  • A foreign juristic person:
    1. Loan form and the Appointment certificate
    2. Certificate of Incorporation
    3. Two valid identification documents with photos of the Proxy
    4. Copy of passbook
Step 4
Send the loan form
  • Please visit our official website to for information on our service locations. On receiving your application, our designated customer service staff will contact you to confirm the relevant information and payment time.
Relevant Requirements on policy loan
  1. Applications for policy loans may be submitted at any time subject to that the policy remains valid and there is policy value accumulated. The loan limit shall be determined based on the terms and conditions of the policy. To check the maximum loan amount, please contact our customer service line +886-2-81705156.
  2. With regard to the payment of loan interest, please make a payment to the Company before the deadline specified on our payment notice. If the interest payment is overdue for more than one year in spite of our payment tracers, the Company will incorporate the overdue interest into the loan principal when calculating the interest amount.
  3. Policy loans can be repaid in full or in installment. However, if the Company needs to pay for any insurance benefit, surrender value or refund of policy value before the full repayment of the loan, the Company will deduct the outstanding principal and interest of the policy loan from the payment amount. When the sum of outstanding principal and interest has exceeded the policy value, the policy shall become invalid immediately. (If it is otherwise agreed in the policy provisions, the agreed terms and conditions shall prevail.)
  4. The interest rates for policy loans are determined by the Company, taking into account the policy cost, product attributes and types, efficiency of fund utilization, as well as the rights and interests of policyholders. The Company is entitled to adjust the interest rates where necessary. For more information about the policy loan interest rates, please check relevant interest rate announcements.