A natural person outside the territory of the R.O.C. (Can be the proposer or the insured)

Means a natural person holding a passport issued by a foreign country and having no domicile in the R.O.C. (A person “having no domicile in the R.O.C.” means a person who does not have a household registration in the Taiwan area and has not yet obtained the Alien Resident Certificate from the R.O.C. government)

Required Documents

A foreign natural person

Passport as well another valid identification documents with photos. for example, personal ID, driving license or other documents sufficient for verifying the nationality, original place of residence or place of permanent residence. The above identification document contains basic information and the page with stamp for proof of entry within 180 days.

Payment Methods


1. The proposer should attach to the application form the evidence for premium payment. (For example, fund transfer slip or deposit slip). 2. For premium payment, please select “OUR” for the item “Details of Charges” (71A), or request the remitting bank to issue two telegrams (MT103 and MT202) for the remittance so that the premium amount can be credited “in full” to the Bank’s designated foreign currency account. 3. When making a premium payment, the proposer (remitter) shall be responsible for the relevant remittance fees charged by the remitting bank and the intermediate bank(s). The Company shall absorb the inward remittance fees charged by the beneficiary bank. 4. The fees charged by remitting banks may differ by bank and country. Before making the fund transfer, please contact the relevant bank for details.

Insurance Application Procedures

Step 1

The proposer consults the sales representative with relevant documents.

Step 2

The proposer fills out and delivers the application forms to Taiwan Life for processing.

Step 3

The insurance application is successfully completed after the premium payment and verification of information.