About Us

Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

In order to strengthen the breadth of financial services, and to provide customers with more diversified financial services, CTBC Holding actively planned to launch into the insurance business management. In November 2011 acquired the American MetLife Financial Group, (MetLife, Inc.) subsidiary in Taiwan’s 100% shares, and renamed as to CTBC Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CTBC Life") in January 2012, thus, CTBC Holding officially branched out into insurance business fields.


In Jan. 1st 2014, CTBC Life acquired nearly one thousand insurance agents sales team after accomplished the merger of Manulife (International) Taiwan Branch, so to make the insurance sales channels become more completed. In order to expand the insurance business scale, CTBC Holding was permitted by the Board of Directors in May 12th, 2015 to arrange the exchanging shares with Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan Life"), and completed the shares conversion in October 15th, 2015, Taiwan Life formally became 100% share holding subsidiary of CTBC Holding. For the integration of group resources, and bloom the insurance business, CTBC Holding subsidiaries of CTBC Life Insurance and Taiwan Life will complete the merger and use still the "Taiwan Life “ in January 1st, 2016, so to create the dual brands synergy between CTBC and Taiwan Life.


Taiwan Life was established in 1947, as the first life insurance company in Taiwan, approached to the privatization in 1998. Taiwan Life is located in Taiwan market, providing full range of insurance services to policyholders, sustained to concern the market variation, to offer a whole range of protection network on security of healthy and wealthy to policyholders with flexible and creative product strategy, which also enhanced the company's performance. In the meanwhile, Taiwan Life launched the valuable products to maintain company’s long-term and stable profitability, so to gain mutual robust and specific guarantee among policyholders and the company.


In the future, Taiwan Life will uphold the CTBC Holding’s service concept of "Hospitality to guest" and the brand spirit of "We are family", to work with group members for submitting more intimate financial services and innovative products, and endeavor to the vision of "Protect and create" the value among customers, employees, stock holders and communities, to build up a better wonderful future, and becoming the first and leading brand of insurance services for Chinese people and Mandarin speaking area.